Mainely Writing

Losing a loved one to addiction is certainly life-altering. This event was a catalyst of self-discovery; the need to reexamine who I was and who I wanted to become. We need not allow tragedy and loss to anchor us. Loss is not what defines us. How we respond defines and shapes our future. Determination infused me. The need for transparency engulfed me. Writing are just words on a page, but allowing them to flow from the heart reveals the soul, and healing begins.

Losing a daughter to overdose is tragic. Finding her was incredibly traumatic. How does one heal from this? Written after my daughter, Sarah's death by overdose with the intent to present awareness, address the stigma attached to addiction, and to give my daughter a voice as I merged my words with her own.

Secrets was written in the midst of deepest grief and is a very personal account of my journey toward healing from the loss of my daughter, Sarah to opiate addiction leading to her death by overdose. Using her journals, I merged her words with mine, giving her a voice, one she no longer had. The ripple effects of addiction and the opiate crisis is ongoing. It is my hope by sharing our family's story, other families will recognize they are not alone. They do matter. Their children matter. Everyone deserves to be loved and recognized for their potential and worth. Writing this story was not a whim. It was a need, a compulsion. It was written to spread awareness and help others face their very personal challenges connected to addiction with knowledge and insight.

Maine Author