Airbnb of Storage, a new tech startup. We are a peer-to-peer rental marketplace for storage space, as well as for truck and trailer rentals. Whether you're a host or customer, you can rent space on a monthly basis or rent moving transportation as needed from listings provided on our platform ( Depending on what side of the transaction you want to be on, it's generally half the price of a traditional storage facility or U-Haul rentals alike.

We hope to use this platform to pre-sell future perks/subscriptions in order to pay more professionals, like coders, web designers, etc. to take this company to the next level and give you a chance to follow along.

Since we're still a growing company, we wanted to focus on at least one non-profit organization to donate a portion on our revenue to. We hope to help many more in the future, but we're most passionate about the Child Rescue Coalition at the moment.

Thank you in advance for the support!

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